Inspiring Nature

What is it about being in nature that makes me joyful and just grabs the country in my heart and won’t let go?

Once bitten by the breeze,wind and sunrays on the water…it’s jaws close in around me…until Nature is all there is.

Though born in a city, of over a million people, big business, small business and the joy of shopping. The contentment of belonging in a modern sophisticated world, where your friends are never far away.

Still, for me though born in the city…every moment filled with movement…people everywhere…few minutes go by without hearing it trains…or emergency vehicles or just the sounds that come with living on a busy street.

A metropolis called Calgary where while sometimes noisey…is a place where one seldom has the chance to feel alone.

I crave fresh air and a place far away where the only thing intoxicating me is lovely pine scent and the sound of water splashing on the shore.

Remembering how much I have loved the country and the quiet,Knowing that one day I will be happiest travelling through cities…not living in one.

After a few decades of traffic lights, car horns and feeling boxed in; though I am supposedly free,hope fades and I saunter through the memories of old to escape.

The days where I camped most of the summer holidays with family. Taking everything in from the shoreline,to the taste of burnt marshmallows and sweetness stuck to my fingers. Sucking until all traces of goo is gone. Just sitting back in the smoke of the campfire.

I enjoy every minute of it. Feeling the breeze and hearing it whistle through the trees.

When skies are gray.

What motivates you to do everyday what you have to do, to open your eyes each morning and let the sun shine through, you must start the day like your life is shiny and new.

What makes it on your list each night ,to do tomorrow when the night turns to light. Take a deep breath and make great choices..that is if you want to hit your goals and bring happiness in dreams.

Life is what we make it, so you first must make a goal and follow through with all steps to see them through to completion. Make your list, tick each off and take control of your life. If you don’t first start, time slips away and your day turns out the wrong way.

Life is hard and yet its good. ‘Cause if things go terribly wrong and you become depressed and blue; tomorrow is the day to try harder for those in the world and for all those that love you.

Remember that gray skies today does not mean that tomorrows light will bring the same, work to make next lights sky blue.

A ridiculous truth.

It seems your completely happy, that is as long as I am torn up inside.

When I am coping, strong and absent, you miss me.

Wish I had never laid eyes on you. Wish I had never heard your voice or accepted you despite your lack of growth as a person.

Sadly I did, now all I see and hear is your voice ringing in deaf ears. Sadly I hurt for what could and should have been.

I will love you til all water disappears, after all is dry… the last bit of drops on earth will be tears, from my eyes.

  • Blogma Day 1.

Hold on for one more day.

I slept a perfectly good day away, why you say? ‘cuz of pain in the part of me that turns my head to whichever way I wish to see.

On days like this, I try to focus on something else, but I find, today’s pain is not a day I can easily leave behind.
Though I try.
Yes, I try.
God knows I try.

We all struggle in some way  I’m always happy when I can say, that I beat the pain.
Chased it all away. Today I could not say those words today.

I won’t be dismayed tho ‘cuz tomorrow holds another time.
A time to work, to walk, to shine.
A time to pray and leave it all behind.

When I stood to stretch…to try, to feel the pain less in my aching neck,
I heard a beep upon my phone and was washed with happiness, that my family’s covid cases were all but gone.

They were quite sick, all four of them and for quite some time.
We all prayed, yet we did worry too, I can’t pretend that we were not a little afraid.

To the hospital went my bro’s pa in law, to tempeture, aches and trouble breathing.
From lack of taste or smell, All of their bodies seething; with illness.

The text said covid was on its way out the door.
So thankful, so thankful.
Tho we should have known before, that the mysterious lethal sickness would cough and wheeze its way out the door.

On my yoga mat, I lay still now, on the floor.
Thanking God and meditating for the healing HE has offered all four.

Thankful that evil itself didnt steal my family away.
It seems they all will live another day.

Baxter,Grenon family..
ONE to the horrid COVID score of None!

Passion is everything.

Good morning,afternoon or evening…whatever it is where you are in the world. It is a crisp sunday morning in Canada. The temp is 3 degrees celcius but the sun is shining.

God keep our land, Glorious and free! Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee, Oh Canada we stand on guard for thee!

I have woke this morning feeling more patriotic then usual, to be honest I am always very proud to be from the great white North.

The birds are singing on this somewhat dull lit day on the second last day of November in 2020. One more month and it will be a bright, shiny new year with better horizons to think about…brighter days. Yes, a brighter year is coming.

For now we must stay strong and keep moving on in the day we all are dealt. Today is literally the present we all have to open. What’s in store for you and me today my friend…only God himself knows.

Some people woke this morning, dragged themselves out of bed, filled with dread for another day. Not appreciating it at all, yet having no idea that today was their last day on earth. Others woke weary and tired from lack of sleep, insomniacs who never have energy. Still others started the day hopeful and happy and ready to make today the best one they possibly can , then wen’t about making it happen! Which one are you, hopefully not the first one.

Lets be honest, we all have those days where we appreciate nothing. Days where we are sick and tired of everything. Maybe were in pain physically, mentally or emotionally…and don’t know how to cope. Don’t know how to ask for help, don’t wan’t to fight the good fight anymore. On those days don’t forget that tomorrow is another day, another day to try our best. Another day to realize that someone else never woke up today, someone that was fighting to be here. Someone who wasn’t finished yet and still had dreams to build and were thankful for the life they lived everyday, good or bad.

What I am trying to say is in all things give thanks. There will always be ups and downs while we live on this big ball of mud, swirling through space. Don’t give up even when it seems the road your trudging on is all up hill.

I knew a man who passed away at 94 named Jim and he loved life right down to the end of it all. Suffering and everything…he was really something. He Had one true love, he loved nature, lived for photography and he loved supporting his wife and appreciating her in all she did. In return Ellenor loved and supported him in every way possible. Together they enjoyed life.

Whatever you do, don’t give up on this life. Find something to fight for, something to keep you interested right til the end. Find something that takes your breath away just thinking about it, but whatever you do, don’t just let it be a person…because if one day you don’t excite them, they may just send you packing or run off themselves. Live for passion, a hobby or a career that makes you want to get up every morning. Something that tires you out so much that by the end of the day your ready to sleep and then can’t wait to get up the next day and start all over.

Believe in yourself and always be thankful. Stay grateful for whatever gifts bestoyed upon you. Most of all don’t forget at least two things love you…whatever God you believe in and someone that you may not even know yet loves you. In our lives there are many who love us just look around and it won’t be hard to spot them. Their the ones who bend over backwards to help you even at their own discomfort. Ones who will listen to you for hours if you need them. Ones who talk good about you behind your back, not just in front of your face. Look for them, find them and count them as one of your many blessings.

Whomever is reading these words right now, I just want you to spend the day remembering ten things that you love about life. Write it down and read it all throughout the day. Let it remind you that someone else always is worse off then you in some way. If you truly feel you are the exception and that you have nothing to be thankful for…then I say go outside your home and look for someone who could use a hand. Someone who needs encouraging, forget about yourself and be there for them in whatever way you can. Soon you will feel better because you helped someone else and in turn it will uplift your heart.

If your not passionate about something, find something, forget about yourself and throw yourself into it. Create passion everyday, when you meditate,when you cook, clean, eat, drink or whatever else you do everyday. Feel passion in all things, in turn you will become passionate about all aspects of your life .

Life will become a dream you don’t want to ever wake up from. It can happen for you as it has for me, stay strong and create passion for all to see. People will see it and learn from your example, soon all others around you will support you in your passion for life and gravitate towards finding their own passions in life. So always be an encourager of other’s and that in turn will encourage your soul as well.

In conclusion, I learned so much from my 94yr old friend Jim I wrote about earlier on in this post. When I would be down, I would see him and the next thing I know he would encourage my heart with his thankfulness for life and I too would become happy and grateful for the day. Grateful for his smile and for him never giving up and showing others how to live a life of excellence. Whether he walked on 2 broken hips and walked with 2 canes for monthes while they mended, all because his heart wasn’t strong enough for surgury. Yes Jim did that ^^^ and he never complained. Whether Jim contracted dementia, and he did…still he kept a good attitude and moved in to a nursing home without fussing, so as to make it easier on his wife. Yes, he did that too. Mr. Jim Clachrie was a hero, and he was one of my heroes, a navy seal and a protector of all who needed protecting and encouragement.

I hope to be someone on wordpress who 9 times out of ten brings you up out the doldrums, instead of pulling you down like the world sometimes is inclined to do. I say 9 times out of ten because sometimes I write from experiences that hurt me and I havent worked through it yet…and so I write about it. Other times I write for someone or something that I feel I need to speak for in my writing in order to work through it or help others too.

Thanks for reading this today and remember to make it a goal to become passionate about something today. Please comment if there was anything you enjoyed about this article. 💛🙏🏽 Thanks in advance.

Stay Safe and Stay strong…and remember someone believes in you.

Whats a tree to do.

Here I am again, staring into the willows, wishing I were like a tree. A light breeze would blow swiftly through my limbs.

Nature scents of rain and a soaked ground below…but I could not run to clean, as the wind now whips through me tossing my branches effortlessly to and fro.

Scattered leaves would lie beneath my torso, yet I would stand strong. My roots would nurture grounding me securely, into one peaceful place.

I’d have freedom to just be, then I would be a part of nature. So there would be nowhere I’d need to go…and nowhere I would need to be.

I would stand strong with nothing worrying me. I’d need not go anywhere. I’d need not do anything.

I wrote this March,4,2008 after a friend took their own life.

( The premise behind the poem was if I were a tree I wouldn’t feel as bad about anything…and there would be nothing I could do because my feelings would be limited.)

Dedicated to Michael. ❤

End of the road.

Apparently, I want too much, which to anyone else isn’t much at all. I can not take this anymore, I just can’t keep trying to change me, for you.

I am good just as I am, you claim to love to hear me tell you, just how I care and how I feel…and yet for me you won’t utter one word of love for me.

You always make me feel as though I am the one for you. Yet, you never say in words that you love me too. I need to hear it once, just once, I NEED to hear it too.

Just ONCE… you could just whisper it in my ear, just those three little words to me, I would KNOW deep in my soul that you were open to be, forever mine.

If you were like me, and needed the verbal to feel all my love for you, even if it was uncomfortable for me or not, I would give it all to you.

I can’t do this anymore, wondering how you feel sweetheart, I can’t. It hurts too much I’m through. No more playing games with you.

It’s over.


It was a hot summer afternoon when she first realized, that life was going to change, and it was going to change fast. Whether she liked it or not it was over, and there wasn’t anything she could do about it.

Dealing with things felt impossible. Her emotions all over the place, sadness leaking from her eyes while walking to work. She squinted and tryed to walk on while rubbing her eyes with one hand and wiping her nose with the other. Her head pulsed with waves of pain making her slim shoulders shudder.

Sighhh,what was she going to do, my goodness what could she do she laughed to herself. Was he leaving, was their beautuful love story ending for good, oh why hadn’t she seen this coming. He had never stuck with anyone for long. Why did she figure she was the one who her husband would be loyal too. I must have been crazy she thought to herself.

Anna met Michael online 2 years before he moved to the beautiful city of calgary to be with her. Many things had went bad in the beginning of their unplanned relationship while he lived in Oshawa. However, for some reason they did not give up on each other. Actually, Anna never gave up on him when she would catch him in lies. For some dumb reason she felt she could fix his issues, his misfortunes and that he was worth fighting for, but sadly she didnt know if he was worth all the heartache she was about to experience.

Both Anna and Michael had a passion for writing poetry so that is what drew them to meet in the first place. It was a wonderful 4 years of marriage, truly it was. Even the previous 2 years dating was loving and very sweet. Anna thought she found the perfect flawed man, a man that was perfectly flawed just for her.

They could not believe their luck, they felt so blessed that God himself had led them to eachother. HE did lead them, but it wasn’t meant to be forever I guess, or was it. Under what circmstances would cause their life to be ripped apart in a matter of 1 week from the day of the shocking incident.

Who went away, why did they leave and what was their fate at the end of it all? Why did things change so drastically, they loved eachother so much, so what really happened on that fateful day .

To be continued next thursday Dec,4th 2020. Stay tuned and thanks so much for reading this post. I hope you enjoyed this first chapter.

Is Anna still alive, does Mike jump off a bridge, is the world ending so they part ways…if so for what reason? Be sure to tune in next week…until then stay safe everyone : )

Loving life on the edge.

    If the day were mine and all up to me, I’d plan a trip to climb far above the trees, up to a beautiful mountain peak. 

   The journey would be just what I need. I like to push my limits til I reach the top. There would be only rocks under foot…for the last hundred feet.

One step, then two until the task was behind me. Carefully I would climb with hiking boots on the soles of my feet.

I wear two pairs of socks to help absorb the shock to my lower extremities and toes. To keep my feet dry and moisture free.

The view from the top always gives me peace and sense of accomplishment. I enjoy each step through lush green trees.

I take my time and my heart fills with wonder, my brain in awe of the task at hand.

Freedom at last to climb free as a bird, fresh air in my lungs as I breath in deep and long. My heart pumping strong.

In my mind and heart singing softly a magnificent song , a song that carries me along on it’s chorus…

” Won’t you help to sing these songs of freedom?  ’cause all I ever have is Redemption songs, Redemption songs.”

Can’t wait to see the sights, and experience the view along the way to the summit, 2 see my next mountain view.

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